Over the past few months, we have all been challenged to seek new ways of doing business. To ensure the Lee Clerk of Courts continues providing residents with the essential services and access to the courts when they need it, we have launched many new innovative solutions that you can access from your home or cell phone. 

When you are unable to conduct your court related business using our website and need to meet with a Customer Service representative, we are introducing TeleClerk.  This exciting featureallows the public to see and talk with a customer service representative via a Zoom conference room.  This convenient service assists customers with finding court dates, filing their court documents, making payments, or general questions about their case. Users can access the virtual room via computer or phone app and is available Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00pm and 1:30pm to 4:45pm.

For our customers that prefer in-person services or need extended time with a Court Clerk, we encourage the public to make appointments via our website. Appointments are available for the downtown Justice Center Complex and Cape Coral Office.

We also launched ClerkExpress, a new service that allows customers to check-in via text message to avoid waiting in the lobbies for court services from the Clerk. Before customers leave their house, they can text “getinline” to 866-915-9224 and follow the prompts.

To help customers learn about their rescheduled court datesE-Notify was launched earlier this summer. This platform provides registered users with text and e-mail reminders about upcoming court events. After registering for an account, simply search by case number or party details and subscribe to receive courtesy reminders.

Need a text or email reminder when scheduled for Jury Duty?  Jurors may receive a courtesy reminder the day before their scheduled jury service by adding an e-mail and/or cell phone number to their profile.  Please visit https://jury.leeclerk.org/login to add this information and opt-in to receive a reminder message.  

Apply for Virtual Marriage Licenses or Wedding Ceremonies.  Call 239-533-5007 or email recording@leeclerk.org for details and appointments.

For more information on any of these innovative services, www.LeeClerk.org for more information.