Seagate Development Group has completed EmCyte Corporation’s 30,000-square-foot headquarters, located at 4331 Veronica S. Shoemaker Blvd. in Fort Myers. This comes as the medical device manufacturer and distributor experiences milestone-level growth, particularly in FDA 510(k) clearances of innovative product systems like those for platelet-rich plasma therapy.

Seagate started by remodeling just 11,314 square feet of EmCyte-purchased space at this location. Then, EmCyte gradually took over additional space once occupied by an indoor playground as well as a commercial transportation dealership.

The result is Seagate’s reconfiguration of the entire site for storage as well as reception and start-of-the-art training areas, bathrooms, offices, a conference room and laboratory, an X-ray room and examination rooms, clinic treatment and manufacturing facilities, and an AV-equipped auditorium. Many of the amenities are accompanied by stain-resistant carpeting and modern lighting and fixtures. This complements a multitude of purposes and the evident technologically advanced space and who occupies it.

“My team knew that EmCyte had potential in Fort Myers the moment we launched the remodel, so we planned accordingly. As we took additional steps, we knew there was more to be done, and now that this project is complete, it’s fit for an even greater impact,” said Matt Price, CEO and Partner of Seagate Development Group. “And to have had a hand in its history is our contribution to an industry that has more to offer than many people realize.”

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