Great news! We are excited to announce the Cape Coral Community Foundation received a $25,000 donation from an anonymous wealthy donor to help leverage the professional skills and experience of active adults age 45 and beyond.

With a tsunami of skilled active adults already retired and another wave retiring over the next decade, Cape Foundation has implemented an effective volunteer matchmaking program that is thriving, helping individuals make lasting connections with other active adults tackling a similar phase of life.

The charitable investment will be used to help train the new wave of residents moving to Southwest Florida through a special program that allows them to get immersed in the inner workings of nonprofit organizations, learning their mission and goals, as well as their struggles and needs.

The program matches citizens/neighbors with host organizations to achieve the best fit of skills, experience, and passion with community needs.

Cape Coral Community Foundation, known as the Cape Foundation, is one of the fastest-growing brands in Southwest Florida, providing wealthy donors with the tools to flourish beyond their financial means.

To become a sponsor or a participant in the program, send an email to: