Welcome to new Cape Coral Business Chamber !

We are a Chamber committed to Three Basic activities:

Advocacy – 50 Years ago when Cape Coral was officially incorporated as a city, It was largely a continuation of the Rosen Brothers mission to make Cape Coral the largest Planned Urban Development in the Country. While business development was a component considered in our growth, it was never really given the robust environment we need to a) Draw new businesses to the Cape, b) Help develop and grow exisiting businesses.

Our City Economic Develpment Office has been doing a great job trying to answer these needs, but it is imperative for businesses to have a strong voice to the Mayor and Council Members. Up to this point, our elected officials have not been held publicly accountable for descisions that directly effect all businesses in Cape Coral. Your Cape Coral Business chamber will be that voice.


Education – Whether you are a well established business or someone thinking of opening a new business, education is a key component of growth. We feel that meetings should be more than a paid meal. Our lunch meetings are designed provide valuable information and knoweldge about a variety of topics critical to operating your business.


Connections – Successful businesses understand that staying connected, not only with their customers, but with potential customers and other businesses. While there are several opportunities to network with other businesses, we found that many of them typically draw the same group of people, while the fellowship is great, it is also important to ensure these events also include a percentage of new people.

Making good connections to customers (and your potential customers) is also about building strong conections. Your Cape Coral Business Chamber is committed to helping it’s members grow utilizing state of the art technology as well as harnessing it’s member resources.

Our website also contains a comprehensive member directory and job board that is available as part of your membership. A featured business will rotate on the website daily.